About Us

Who is JUKE of LONDON?

Jude Ugbehe aged 9 and Kaelan Essel aged 11 (JUKE) are the co-founders of JUKE of LONDON. They were born in the city of London, one of the global fashion capitals in the world.

They both share a love for football, music, acting, culture and of course, London. It is their love for these things that has inspired their fashion and style.

Their style is based on all things that represent the streets of London in their eyes: energy, class, edge, luxury and diversity. While they believe everyone in London has their own unique fashion sense, they feel it is important to be the brightest star in the sky by making a statement with your outfits and accessorizing. JUKE of LONDON sunglasses are a luxury accessory that allows the wearer to frame the world and their style the JUKE way! 

Introducing JUKE of LONDON

JUKE of LONDON have several ranges that are aimed at children, juniors and adults. Each range takes Jude's and Kaelan’s vision of style and packages it into a fashion accessory that they can share with the world. Each range is designed to enhance your outfit choice and provide the finishing touch to your outfit – transforming you from a star to a superstar. From a Duke to a JUKE.

Each pair of sunglasses are given names that represent the culture, lifestyle and experiences of Jude and Kaelan. The JUKE CEOs and owners, aged 9 and 11, are on a mission to introduce the world to the JUKE era - an era of luxury, style and being unapologetically authentic.